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Important topics for GPAT. 5 must study topics from each core subject for GPAT

As we all know that the standard of GPAT exam has been increased many folds from last few years. So, now t requires lot of hard work and determination to go past through the hurdle of GPAT.  The best thing about GPAT is that as now from this year total number of qualified students has been reduced to around three thousand only so the qualified students will get surely get admissions in the most premier pharmaceutical institutions of the nation.  
So, if you are also a GPAT aspirant then don’t be disheartened with the decreased number seats, instead work with double zeal to qualify GPAT with flying colors. The most important thing to require about the GPAT is that along with hard work one must also clear about the topics to be covered for GPAT preparation. In this article I am discussing the 5 most important topics of each core subject which must be studied for the GPAT preparation by every aspirant. So, now let us have a glance on each important topic one by one starting from the Pharmaceutics.
Important topics for GPAT

Important topics of Pharmaceutics for GPAT

Pharmaceutics is the indispensable subject for those who wish to qualify GPAT with flying colors. Although one should study whole pharmaceutics thoroughly but if I am asked to give the most important topics, then I will recommend below 5 topics. Let me explain each topic one by one and explain.

a) Tablet formulation- 

Formulation of a tablet is the very first thing that a GPAT aspirant should start with the pharmaceutics. There are questions from this topic every year in the GPAT exam. In the formulation, one should study about different components used in the tablet formulation. One should also ponder on the different interactions among the different components of a tablet.

b) Sterilization- 

Sterilization is another topic for the GPAT. Every year I clearly 2-3 questions in the GPAT exam from sterilization. One should study thoroughly different techniques of sterilization along with their mechanism. Microbial organisms used for the assay of sterilization are also important from the GPAT point of view.

c) Numerical- 

Numerical is the area where most of the pharma students lack. But trust me this is the only area which can provide you edge over the other students. There are around 5-8 questions every year in the GPAT which tests the numerical ability of the student. Questions are generally asked from biopharmaceutics, dilutions, freezing point etc.

d) Suspension & Emulsion formulation- 

Formulation of suspensions and emulsions also do play an important role in the GPAT preparation. Due weightage is given to the surfactants and HLB scale in the GPAT exam. One should also study the evaluation of suspension and emulsions in detail.

e) Rheology

Rheology is also very scoring portion for the preparation of GPAT. In rheology, one should study types of flow with examples, different types of mills, angle of repose, carr’s index, haussner’s ratio etc.

Important topics of pharmacognosy for GPAT

Those who prepare for the GPAT know the importance of studying pharmacognosy to qualify GPAT. Pharmacognosy can be a deciding factor between the qualified and non qualified students. Pharmacognosy is considered as the life line for the GPAT aspirants as it is the most scoring subject in the GPAT. Important topics for the GPAT include:

a) Phytochemical Screening

In each paper of GPAT irrespective of the year, I always find a question or two on the phytochemical screening. So, if studying two or three pages of phytochemical screening can earn you more than 5 marks in the GPAT then I don’t think that it’s a deal of loss. Phytochemical screening is best given in the CK Kokate’s book pharmacognosy.

b) Analytical Pharmacognosy- 

Analytical Pharmacognosy is the other topic which holds high weight age in the GPAT exam. One should different stomatas, trichomes, moisture content, WHO guidelines in the analytical pharmacognosy. For this topic also CK Kokate is the best for GPAT purpose.

c) General Pharmacognosy- 

You must be wondering or confused that what should be studied by the students in general pharmacognosy? Let me explain it; in general pharmacognosy one should study thoroughly about general description, classification etc. of glycosides, alkaloids, terpenoids etc. In other words, one should study general pharmacognosy of glycosides, alkaloids and terpenoids.

d) Biological source of all drugs-

 Yes! You have read it right that for GPAT you have to learn the biological source of all the drugs along with their families. You will definitely find question on the biological sources in the GPAT exam. To avoid last minute confusion, I highly recommend that one should learn 10 new biological sources of drugs daily and revise the previous ones.

e) Detailed study of selected drugs- 

From the papers of last ten years, I have come to know that there are certain fixed drugs which have very high probability of asking in the GPAT exam. There are nearly about 30 such potent drugs with the point of view of GPAT. I will give details about them in my next article. Till then you can start your preparation with the detailed study of Digitalis, Senna and Atropa.

Important topics of pharmacology for GPAT

a) Receptors-

This topic covers minimum 1-2 questions of the GPAT question paper every year. Students preparing for the GPAT must study different types of receptors along with their mechanism of actions. Questions on the receptors seem tricky in the GPAT exam but if this chapter is studied thoroughly then I am sure one can easily solve these questions. Beside from the GPAT, this is also a very interesting and knowledge worthy topic to read for a student of pharmacology.

b) Autonomic nervous system-

Autonomic nervous system or ANS is of prime importance while studying for the GPAT. Every year ANS has 2-3 questions in the question paper of GPAT. In ANS, beta-blockers should be given utmost weightage while preparing the topic for GPAT. Different effect of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system should also be studied carefully while preparing for the GPAT exam.

c) Cardiovascular system-

Next most important topic for the GPAT is cardiovascular system. This is also a very broad topic including cardiac agents, antihypertensive drugs, antiarrhythmic drugs and anti-lipidemic drugs. All these topics are of equal importance but cardiac glycosides can be given little extra importance. These drugs should be studied for their mechanism of action, drug interactions, side effects and main uses.

d) Anti-epileptic drugs-

Epilepsy is also an important topic with respect to GPAT. The best book to study epilepsy and drugs used to treat is KD Tripathy’s Essential of pharmacology. In the anti-epilepsy along with mechanism and side effect of each class of anti-epileptic drug one must study the specific drug used to treat specific type of seizure.

e) Drugs used to treat cancer-

Cancer is also a hot topic with the point of GPAT exam. Classification of anti-cancer drugs along with mechanism of action should be thoroughly studied as every year there is a question on the anti-cancer drugs.  Along with this, ne should also focus his studies on the newer agents used for the treatment of cancer.

Important topics of pharmaceutical chemistry for GPAT

From last few years trend has been made that questions asked in the GPAT has been shifted from the medicinal chemistry to core organic chemistry. There are quite good number of questions from the pharmaceutical chemistry portion of the syllabus. The questions asked in the pharmaceutical chemistry are very basic and test the knowledge of the student. Important questions of pharmaceutical chemistry include:

a) Important name reactions-

Now from last few years, more number of direct questions has been asked from the name reactions. If one can observe then he will find that there hardly 20 important name reactions to study. If one can study these name reactions with mechanisms then definitely he will be able to solve 2-3 questions in the GPAT. Important name reactions for GPAT include: Aldol condensation, Cannizaro reaction, SN1 and SN2 reactions, Rimer-tieman reaction etc.

b) Basic reaction mechanism-

Next important topic to cover for the GPAT in pharmaceutical chemistry is basic reaction mechanisms. One should thoroughly study electrophilic and nucleophilic substitution and addition reactions. Whole organic chemistry revolves around these four basic types of reaction mechanisms. So, if one can command over these four reaction mechanisms then he can answer many questions of organic chemistry.

c) Basics of organic chemistry-

Beside from name reactions and reaction mechanisms, there are still lots of things to be considered in the organic chemistry. These basics include reaction intermediates (Carbocation, Carboanion, Free radical and Carbene), Aromaticity, catalysts in organic chemistry, Acidity and basicity of organic compounds, polarity etc. These topics often contain questions in the GPAT exam hence must be studied deeply.

d) SAR studies of important drug classes-

Structural activity relationship is an integral part of the medicinal chemistry. Most of the time examiner do ask question from this section to check the knowledge of the student. Important classes of drugs whose SAR studies are of due importance for the GPAT include Antipsychotics, Diuretics, Benzodiazepines, Accetyl Choline etc.

e) Spectroscopy-

The last but one of the most favorite topics of the examiner is the GPAT. If you are preparing for GPAT then you can’t neglect the importance of this section. Every year there are definite questions either on number of signals of NMR, solvents used in different techniques, basic principles of spectroscopy etc.

Other miscellaneous topics for the GPAT-

Beside from these core subjects, there are certain other topics which should also be studied while preparing for the GPAT. These topics include-
a) All schedules of the drugs (Drug and cosmetic act)
b) Vaccine
c) Constitution of AICTE and PCI.
d) Biogenetic precursors of different classes of drugs.
e) Uses of microorganisms
f) Chemotherapy

So, these were the topics which in my analysis are the hottest topics for the GPAT preparation. So, if you are preparing for the GPAT then you must go through these topics thoroughly. Wish you all the best for the GPAT exam and future.
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