Sunday, 28 April 2013

What to study for the GPAT in last 15 days?

The countdown for GPAT has begun as only few days are left for the exam. Now the time has come to give the sprint to the marathon race of your preparation. In this article I am discussing the most hit topics which should be covered or revised in the last few days of the GPAT.  Also here worth mentioning that this time AICTE is conducting the exam so it is expected that standard of the exam will be little higher than the previous one and so the cut off will be low.
So now coming to the core of the topic let’s discuss about the important topics which should be studied in the last 15 days for the GPAT. Due to shortage of time now there is need of smart work along with the hard work. The GPAT aspirant now should be more focused on the core subjects. Now let us divide our topics of extreme importance subject wise.

Important topics for Pharmacology & Medicinal Chemistry

Pharmacology and medicinal chemistry can be studied simultaneously. While studying these topics one should be focused mainly on the classification, mechanism of action, adverse reactions and structural activity part. Here is the list of important topics for GPAT which must be covered during this short period of time:
i)              Receptors & drugaction
ii)             Cardiac glycosides
iii)            Antihypertensives
iv)            Antihyperlipidemics
v)             Diuretics
vi)            Antibiotics
vii)           Cancer
viii)          Epillepsy
ix)                 Drug metabolism

Important topics for Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosy is considered as the most scoring subject for GPAT therefore should be studied carefully to have maximum output from this section. Important topics from this section include:
i)                    Phytochemical screening
ii)                   Types of trichomes and stomata
iv)                 Detailed study of the following drugs: Digitallis, Senna, Aloe, Cascara, Rhubarb, Glycirrhyza, Opium, Cinchona, Tropane alkaloids, Ergot, Vinca, Mint, Clove, Zinger, Cardamom, Fennel, Eucalyptus,Arteminisin, Guggul lipid. ( Click for the study glycosidal drugs)
Along with the above mentioned topics one should try to remember the biological source of as many drugs as he can.

Important topics for Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics is considered as the core of Pharmacy and also has a very high weightage in the GPAT exam. While preparing for the GPAT exam in last days one should focus on the following topics of the pharmaceutics:
i)              All main formulation ( Click for tablets)
ii)             Rheology
iii)            Pharmaceutical calculation
iv)            Types of mills

Miscellaneous topics for the GPAT in last few days

Apart from the above core subjects there are certain miscellaneous topics which should also be covered and of extreme importance in the GPAT preparation.
i)                    Spectroscopy
ii)                   Basic concepts of organic chemistry
iii)                 Important name reactions
iv)                 Schedules of the drug
v)                  Sterlizaion techniques
So, these are the important topics which one should include in their plan of the study for GPAT in last fifteen days of the preparation. Although here I must say that nothing can substitute the thorough study for the preparation of any exam but sometimes smart work can give you the desired confidence and slight edge over the others single mark means a lot in the competitive exams.
In the last the most important thing for the GPAT preparation, spare the last three days of your preparation for solving the question papers of previous ten years of the GPAT. No matter if your preparation is not complete but in the last three days nothing else should be studied except the previous year’s exam papers.
All the best for all the aspirants of the GPAT and all queries are welcomed with open heart.

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  1. i m persuing in 3rd year. i want to know if after my 3rd year of b.pharm i can give gpat?? i mean in my final year. plz reply me as soon as possible because i have to start my prepration..
    thank u :)

  2. Hello Dear,
    Yes you can give GPAT exam but it will not provide you admission as it is valid for one yyear only.

  3. sir ,please provide the notes of pharmaceutical analysis..and yours test series is helping a lot.thanks keep doing this in future

    1. Thanks for the appreciation. soon we will provide the said notes dear.